Intermission is15minute。

While the cheerleaders are dancing,The commentary is also very lively。
Narrators from various countries,Are all excitedly talking about such a wonderful game。
The last three minutes of the second quarter,Shen Huan turned on the abuse mode。
But before20About minutes,The main players of the two teams played very well。
Especially Shen Huan,It’s like a robot with a perpetual motion machine,He can be seen everywhere on offense and defense。
It’s not just offensive that Shen Huan takes turns attacking every Golden State Warriors player,On the defensive end,He can also chase and intercept like crazy。
Whether it is blocking、Cap、Grab the ball and so on,omnipotent。
Several times Andrew Bogut wanted to slam in,Instead, he was bounced away by Shen Huan who was standing there。
Even once,Shen Huan directly turned him back five or six meters away,If he didn’t see the chance quickly,Quickly pass the ball,Maybe Shen Huan can directly carry him to the Warriors penalty area again.。
You say such a mad dog,Who else can stop?
Even more frustrated is that you can’t play black hands。
To Russell20Year old,It doesn’t matter if you elbow directly,Even against Kobe。
But no one dared to play a black hand against Shen Huan,Even if Shen Huan is tough and brave to the extreme。
Because everyone is afraid of death。
Ordinary tackle、Hug Shen Huan、Two-person hitter and so on……It doesn’t matter。
But if it fouls maliciously,Shen Huan slapped over,Do you think you will knock your neck around one or two times?