The anchor is set to work, the target, the spirit, the future, the future

The anchor is set to work, the target, the spirit, the future, the future

Don’t forget yesterday’s suffering, innocent today’s mission, no greater dreams of tomorrow.

In the past few days, the various units of Xinjiang have seriously convey the spirit of the Extracered Plenary Session of the 19th National Session of the Party. Everyone said that we must be more closely united around the party of Xi Jinping as the core of the core, learn from the history of the 100-year party, anchoring the goal of the standing struggle, and the intensive winds go to the future, and strive to build a new era of Chinese characteristic socialism. Xinjiang. Autonomous Region Senior People’s Court: On November 14th, the Autonomous Region Senior People’s Court held a party group (expanded) meeting, conveying the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, emphasizing that the provision of the entire court system should implement the spirit of the Plenary Session as the current and future A period of major political tasks, full coverage of big learning and discussion, and quickly rise and promote learning and promotion.

It is necessary to learn to implement the spirit of the plenary session, completely and accurately implement the founding of the new era of the party, and earnestly fulfill the duties of the people’s court, practice judicial as the people’s purpose, and give full play to the role of trial function, and fully forge the court, iron army, Provide strong and strong judicial guarantees to realize the total work of Xinjiang. Old Cadre Bureau of the Autonomous Region: On November 12th, the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region held the theoretical center group (expanded) meeting, the topic conveyed the spirit of the 19th Plenary Session of the Party, emphasizing the spirit of "learning", and eating the spirit of the Plenary In the word "research", focus on the new challenge of the new opportunities for the work of the old cadres, focus on the old comrades, the comprehensive system is deeply refined; in the "real" word, we will work around the center, the service overall, strive to build a learning, innovation Type, service old cadres work department.

To summarize the experience in the process of the party’s struggle, create a new situation in the new cadres in the new journey in the new journey. Recently, the Party School of the Autonomous Region (Administrative College) held a full faculty conference, conveying the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, emphasizing the whole school (hospital) to implement the spirit of learning and propaganda as the current spirit And the major political tasks in the next time, combined with the party history education education, integrally organized, system in-depth, ensuring that the learning is in place, conveyed in place, understanding, in place.

The majority of faculty said that it is necessary to further improve the political station, and earnestly unify thoughts and actions to the spirit of the Plenary, based on the position of the party school, and promote the spirit of the spirit of the spirit of studying and implement the spirit.

Autonomous Region Industry and Information Technology: Recently, the Autonomous Region Industry and Information Technology House held a meeting, and the topic of the Topics Party’s 19th Sixth Plenary Session, emphasized that it is necessary to combine the actual in-depth system learning, and promote the party’s central decision-making and deployment in the industry. . To continue to promote the development of the "Ten Industry", fully solve the problems faced; to speed up the industrial structure optimization and upgrading around carbon Dhame, carbon, and promote the formation of green low-carbon industrial structure and production; actively do a good job in project construction , Focus on the "top ten industries", especially the key links with market demand, and plan to implement a batch of industrial chain projects, make up the chain, epitaxial, strong chain, and make the new work for Xinjiang industry and informationization. It should be contributed.

Xinjiang Communications Administration: Recently, Xinjiang Communications Management Bureau held a special seminar to arrange for the implementation of the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session.

The meeting pointed out that it should be based on the job requirements, and the comprehensive system is fully studied, grasp the spirit of the spirit of the plenary session, to ensure that the mind is entrepreneur, and effectively transform the learning results into the actual actions of the business entrepreneurship.

To focus on the main business, accelerate the promotion of 5G network construction in Xinjiang, cultivate the development of industrial Internet, and actively promote digital development, ensure the successful completion of the "14th Five-Year Plan" opening, struggling to write a new chapter of Xinjiang Communications Industry . (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.