What difficulties have been overcome through the first shield interval in Xi’an Metro Line 8? Xi’an Metro Line 8 – News

What difficulties have been overcome through the first shield interval in Xi’an Metro Line 8? Xi’an Metro Line 8 – News

  On the morning of November 13th, with the "striving for the first" shield machine cutting, Xi’an Metro Line 8 Dahuoyu Station ~ Xiaobai Yangtang District is smooth, this is the first in the current implementation of the 8th line. A shield interval.

  The shield machine has repeatedly cutting the building and the existing line full-time monitoring. Mastering the ground settlement change Cold construction is responsible for the construction of China Railway Third Bureau project, he said, Line 8 Dahuyang Station ~ Xiaobai Yang The length of the station shield area, the top of the tunnel, the top of the tunnel, the interior of the building is intensive, the ground traffic is busy, many underground pipelines, and the shield construction faces many difficulties. "The shield is used to wear buildings and existing wires many times, in order to ensure the surrounding buildings and both wire safety, we plan a safe and efficient tracing program and construction plan for the main construction of the shield construction in specific construction. The full-time monitoring shield gesture, fully controlling the ground settlement change, using special additive characteristics to stabilize the surrounding soil, increase the settlement monitoring frequency, dynamically adjust the shield structure to advance parameters, strictly control the outstanding amount of each ring, strengthen synchronous grout And secondary grouting operation, the quality of each row, the volume is double control, driving the shield construction continuously and smoothly, and achieves the goal of safe penetration.

"Cold construction said. At the end of April this year, the Subway Line 8, which was built by the China Railway Third Bureau, successfully realized the main structure cap, which is also the first cover station in the station in the subway line. The station is located in Lianshu District. On the west side of Yongyi Road, Dafeng Road and Planning Labor North Road, along the south side of Daxing East Road, is set up. The population of the station is large, and there are mature communities in the south side, the west side, the housing intensive, many people, construction The enclosure is only 9 meters away from the surrounding construction, and is called "the site outside the window". In order to ensure the safety and orderly advancement of the construction and production of Dahuyang Station, reduce the impact of construction on the surrounding residents, in the city rail group With the help of the guidance, the unit is carefully organized, reasonable arrangements, through the daily naked soil cover, hardening the road, sprinkling water dust, and carrying out the party building joint construction with nearby communities, strengthen communication with residents, carry out regular visits, holiday condolences, etc. Activities, constantly closer to the distance of surrounding residents, truly understand, cooperate with support. No. 8 is the main skeleton line construction and operational difficulty of Xi’an online network as the only ring line, Line 8 and other lines of Xi’an Metro, Line 8 and other lines Comparison, what is the different difficulties? After the completion of the completion, what role is to mitigate the traffic congestion of the central city? Huashang Daily interviewed the deputy director of the Eight Center of Xi’an Rail Group Construction Branch.

  "No. 8 is the only ring line of Xi’an Rail Transit Network. Compared with other lines, whether it is construction or operation, the difficulty is really large.

First, as a loop, it is more passenger than other single lines after opening, which has a high demand for system operations; the second is to transfer more, how to achieve convenient change, solve the big passenger flow to the operation line impact, is Important topics in front of us; the third is that the project construction is difficult, the line walks in the main city of the city, the surrounding environment is complicated, and the engineering risk is more risk, ensuring the implementation of the project is also difficult to overcome the construction.

"Yan Xiaoyong said that Line 8 is the main skeleton line of Xi’an Line, will form a one-to-train passenger transport hallway between the two rings to the three rings in the main city; how many radiographs in the wire network run To form a plurality of transfer nodes, it is an important transition line in the wire network, the communication of the line network, optimizes the connection between the main city and the peripheral area, and has strongly relieve the congestion of the main road of Xi’an Central City.

After the completion of the 8th line, it will form a 2-6 line from the current operation of the operation. As we all know, Xi’an Metro Line 8 is the main skeleton line of Xi’an City Rail Transit Network, the only ring line in the online network, runs through the Yanta District, Xincheng District, Fuqiao District, Weiyang District, Lianhu District and other 5 administrative districts And the five development new districts such as high-tech zone, Qijiang New District, Ecological Park, Economic Development Zone, Daxing New District, etc. Ming Road, Happiness Forest Belt, Guangyun Tan Avenue, Yuyi Road, Fengcheng 2nd Road, Zhu Hong Road, Daxing Road, West Second Ring, Xi Hui Road and Tang Yanlu Bu.

The total length of the line is about 50 kilometers, all of which are underground lines, and there are 37 stations, including 18 transfer stations.

Waiting slope station, Hansen Road Station, Wanshou Road, Wangjiakumi Station 4 station is built by Happiness Forest, and the Wanshun Road Station and Technology Eight Road Station are included in Synchronous Construction of Line 6.

  After the completion of Xi’an Metro Line 8, there will be a rapid and convenient passenger flow transfer channel between the main urban area of ??Xi’an City, in series, Tang Yulu, Electronic City, Qujiang New District, Southern, Happiness Forest Belt, Economic Avenue, Xi’an Daxing New District, etc. Previously, China Business News has also reported that Xi’an has constructed a integrated public transport system with "rail transit as backbone, routine bus as the main body, and slow traffic as complement", and comprehensively enhance urban public transportation capacity. It is estimated that by the end of 2024, the third phase of the third construction plan of Xi’an Rail Transit is included in the third phase, No. 2, No. 2, No. 8, No. 10, No.1, Line 10, No. 15, No. 15, No. 15 Seven projects such as lines will be fully built, and the three-phase planning launch implementation is the key to Xi’an Rail Transit Acceleration Network. For the development of large Xi’an Metropolitan Circles, improve the urban integrated transportation system, optimize the integrated transportation hub, accelerate Plain urban agglomeration and national central city construction significance is significant.

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