The intimate person of the herdsmen (Struggle 100-year road to sail new journey · "July 1 Medal" winner)

The intimate person of the herdsmen (Struggle 100-year road to sail new journey · "July 1 Medal" winner)

Summer Xilin Gol Grassland, green grass, fresh flowers.

Drive travel in Sa Rai Lata, a green carpet, the grassland appeared in front of the reporter."This is the grassland of Ting Battel.

He divided the grassland into a number of small pieces, scientific round, and each grassland could get the corresponding repair time.

"The guide guide tells the reporter.

In 1974, after the 19-year-old Ting Bartel high school graduated, from the Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region came to the Xili Garacur Town, Xili Garacur Town, Xiluto, Saha, Turkatha, Tower, Tower, Tower, Tower, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

With the belief of "let the herders live a good day", he took root pastoral area in nearly 50 years, explored the protection of ecological, developing economies, promoting new roads to increasing income, making local herders’ production and life. Changes. He was appointed by her herders as "son of grassland."

Tarnaki District "I used to be very desolate here. When I arrived, I saw the yurts were black.

The herders supported a iron rack, with cow dung, smoked.

"Although the time is nearly 50 years, the scene of the Sa Ru Lati, Ting Bartel is still alive," the herders are too good to be. They take out the best things in their horses to eat. Sleep at night, see we have no quilts, clothes are thin, and the herders don’t say, take off their ribers to the cover. "From this, the heart of Ting Bartl rose a thought:" I want to use my wisdom and strength, let the herders here live a good day! "He quickly learned to play grass, put the sheep, cut the sheep, trees, open the tractor, drove, excellent, served as the head of the Farm, the head of the farm, the forest field, November 1976, due to performance, he Join the Communist Party of China. After the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee, many people guess Ting Bartl will return to the city, and he has become a person in dozens of people in the Qing Dynasty.

At the end of 1981, Ting Battel married his martial arts, and his home was in the grassland.

In 1993, Ting Bartl was elected Saiss Lattia’s secretary of the party branch until 2018.

The masses of herders trust and support him because he left his body and minds in the grassland because he is strong, the character is good, the brain spirit, and the ability to lead everyone to get rich. At the beginning of the 1980s, when he was separated from staying livestock, he served as a rule of Ting Bartel, and the Qing could not raise some livestock. At that time, I only had one of him, and this rule is actually tube himself.

Later, it was promoted the grass and two contracts. He allowed the herders to pick the grass and cattle and sheep, leaving the worst pastry, the thinnest and small cattle and sheep. Lead the masses to explore the path of ecological protection and herders’ income, Ting Bartel is unremitting.

From the implementation of the scientific particular circular animal husbandry, build a modern new pastoral area, to actively develop fresh milk processing, wind-dried meat processing, tourism and other industries, and today’s Sa Raatu, I found a far-known rich village, and herders lived in new The house has opened a car.

Scientific breeding Sa Ru Lota is located in the northwest edge of Hunshanda, a square kilometer, and the ecological environment is relatively fragile.

In the 1980s, the pastoral area promoted grassland animal husbandry and double contracting system, which greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the herders. However, some of the herdsmen who have a heartfelt efforts are pursuing the number of animal animals, overloading grazing exacerbates the degradation of the grassland. "Grassland is our life, let the grassland green.

"Ting Butter realized that he must have an animal husbandry that protects the ecological environment and develops pastoral areas, and promotes the sustainable development of the animal husbandry in the animal husbandry.

"I took the lead in implementing the fence wheel, the zone circle of the fence, the zone round.

"Ting Bartel divided into several districts with a range of bursts of its own contract, and several districts implemented a four-sei rotation, several districts were used to play grass, and several districts were used for mining, and various trees were planted in a large number of trees.

It was originally the most serious grassland of the cheese. It became the best in the whole, the pasture is not only enough, and there is still a rich, and the tenderness is also growing.

Seeing the Ting Battel House Room, Dragonfly Round Musk to achieve ecology, the economy is winning, and the herdsmen have dried up with the Ting Battel.

Ting Bartel is not satisfied, he also guides the herdsmen to reduce the sheep, adjust the structure of the animal, and reduce the bulging load. Actively adjust the structure of the animal, implement refined, scientifically breeding, Sa Rula Turka, to achieve the win-win situation of ecological protection and herders: the per capita net income of herders has increased from 40,000 yuan in 1978 to now more than 30,000 yuan, The grassland ecological environment is significantly improved. Training skills walk into the pasture of Ting Battel, you can see three houses. Two small, bedrooms and kitchen and living rooms; the largest one is the pastoral training classroom. Ting Bartel led her herders to explore the herdsmen who had protected ecology, develop economy, and promoted new roads, and came to learn.

Later, Abbaqi built the herders’ skill training school to the pasture of Ting Battel. Since the establishment of training schools, there has been 10,000 herdsmen every year to learn.

Ting Bartel has been adhering to the principle of not chargeing the fee.

Ting Bartel is a famous cattle master.

However, in the cattle circles of his house, the reporter could not see the cattle.

"This cattle circle is milking, the cow, and my cattle is in the grassland, and it does not need to be taken.

"Ting Battel likes to learn, and also like innovation.

With a reporter, I walked into the cow ring. He was carefully designed to be carefully designed.

These are my own design, weld themselves. When the herders came to study, I asked very detailed, and I can use it.

"According to the market market, Ting Butter’s breeding breed can sell a good price, but he insisted on without price increases," "The pastoral friend improved the variety, and it needs it." "Today, the Ting Battle is no longer serving as the secretary of the party branch, but still rushing. In recent years, he has conducted extensive research on infrastructure construction such as pastoral roads, information networks, power grids, and suggested to relevant departments.

He said: "Near 50 years ago, I came to this beautiful grassland; now, my life is completely integrated into this grassland, the beautiful grassland is my home!".