Zheng Xincong visited the Macau Youth Federation

Zheng Xincong visited the Macau Youth Federation

  On the morning of October 21, Zheng Xincong, deputy director of the central government in Macau, visited the Macau Youth Federation (referred to as "Qinglian"), visiting the Qing Dynasty, and communicated with youth representatives.

  After listening to the President of Luo Wei Dragon introduced the Youth League Overview and the young representative, the deputy director of Zheng Xincong was highly affirmed that Qinglian’s work has been united to unite and lead the service Macau youth. He pointed out that under the new situation, the Macau Qinglian, one is to carefully study the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on youth work, and live up to General Secretary and the Central Committee of the Youth.

The second is to promote the spirit of patriotic love and Australia, practice the fundamental principle of "Patriot Governance Australia", and constantly push forward Macau "one country, two systems" successfully to advance.

The third is to deepen cooperation exchanges, actively integrate into the national development overall situation, build platforms, create opportunities, and serve the majority of young people. The fourth is to condense your youth consensus, gather youth strength, lead Macau youth healthy life, work hard, make greater contributions to the long-term prosperity and social harmony stability of Macau.

  The central government in Macau Contact Office Xu Ting, Minister of Youth Work, Hongbo, for the event.