Xinhuanet VR | Small Town Album I am Sichuan Lead Zinc Town

Xinhuanet VR | Small Town Album I am Sichuan Lead Zinc Town

  Click on the picture, VR to see the lead zinc towns that "based on the development of resources, the new look of industrial town exhibition". This issue VR takes you into the lead zinc town in Hualu County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture. Lead zinc is 67 kilometers from the city of Evan County. It is the central town of the bridge river basin.

The whole town has a 376 square kilometers, and there is a rich water energy in the territory, stored in zinc, iron, copper, phosphorus, etc.

Based on industrial, lead zinc towns insist on innovation, coordination, green, open, shared five major development concepts, around the three major development main lines of agricultural rich, industrial strengthening, three-yielding town, building ecosystem, harmony, and happiness center.

  Lead Zinc Town is predicted with its rich mineral resources and industrial foundation, plus convenient transportation, embarked on the road to building an emerging industrial town.

The development of lead and zinc towns is dominated by mineral mining, with mineral leading enterprises in the territory – Sichuan Province, East Lead and Zinc Mines. At the same time, lead zinc towns combine their own conditions, actively optimize the industrial structure, deepen structural reforms of agricultural supply, and create a new engine for rural revitalization. Cascade three-dimensional mountain special agriculture changes from traditional planting patterns to large-scale planting, and the development of modern animal husbandry will lay a solid foundation for the takeoff of lead zinc.