Meng Ke said with bloodshot eyes open:“I am not afraid of hard work,I really feel now that it is too difficult to manage a city。look,As long as the government allocates money,Tall buildings can be built in cities,The road can be widened,Flowers and plants can also be planted,Street lights can also be brighter,These are not problems,The difficulty lies in people’s consciousness。”

“You mean the road market?”
Meng Ke scratched his head and said:“Yes,We had a drill at the station road this morning,Small merchants and peddlers who invade the streets can’t be driven away、Can’t make it,Just like coaxing flies,You raise your hand,Ran away all at once,Wait for you,Back soon,It really sucks on the day of the inspection,How can we have so many people watching them??”Meng Ke was very depressed。
Jiang Fan thought for a while and said:“How to do it elsewhere?”
Meng Ke said:“I visited a few places,Including the best governed cities,There is no better way,Just boom,Just rush。”
Meng Ke is right,It turns out that Fan Wenliang opposed participating in the New Town Cup selection activities,He just said it was formalism,Don’t tell me,Will aggravate many social conflicts。
But Jiang Fan thinks:The meaning of urban functions today is broader than before,The tangible form of the urban material environment,It is also the representational form of the intangible form of the city,To some extent, this intangible form is also productivity,Is a concrete manifestation of social strength。
of course,Jiang Fan was able to convince Fan Wenliang with little effort,In fact, the comprehensive improvement of the urban environment in the province started three years ago,It turned out that this work was only carried out within the prefecture-level city,Last year, the scope was expanded to county-level cities.,In the first half of this year, the county-level cities should actively participate in the work conference of county governors across the province.,It is understood,Several cities have already participated。
Whether in terms of economic strength or geographic location,Kangzhou has no reason to refuse to carry out such activities。
Fan Wenliang agreed to participate in the New Town Cup selection activities not only because of Jiang Fan,More importantly, Jiang Fan has integrated this activity into the leading work of spiritual civilization construction.,It also regards upgrading the city’s taste as a powerful tool to promote the development of spiritual civilization.。Fan Wenliang as Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee,There is no reason to object to the mayor doing some practical work for this city。
Jiang Fan has long aimed at the work of urban transformation,Even though he has the idea of a career achievement,But this is indeed the fastest way to improve the city’s taste and image。
This year focuses on the comprehensive improvement of the province’s urban environment,Kangzhou’s urban renovation work has also kicked off,This work is mainly carried out on the main roads of the city。The road surface of the main road was renovated first,Change all overhead pipeline facilities to underground,Sidewalk on the main road、Entrance and exit of units along the street and public buildings、Uniform hardening in front of the shop,And connect with sidewalks without barriers,Improved various transportation facilities and face-to-face facilities,All stores along the road cancel out-of-store stores、Billboards and street stalls outside the store,Standardize the business environment。Through half a year of construction and renovation,It should be said that it has achieved obvious results。
Because the main rectification efforts are placed on the main road,The remediation work of the secondary trunk road and the main trunk road branch will be implemented next year。
Originally this year’s plan was to complete the renovation of the main road, even if it came to an end.,But one day Fan Wenliang came back from outside,Did not go upstairs,But came directly to Jiang Fan’s office,He said with a smile when he entered the door“Let’s put the powder on our cheeks,Look good,But the neck and ears are more ugly。”
Jiang Fan has some concerns,Worried about affecting progress,Influencing the evaluation of the New Town Cup。Fan Wenliang said“What is our ultimate goal,Not appraisal,Is to completely transform the face of the city。”
According to Fan Wenliang,This year’s renovation work has been extended to more than a dozen streets connected to Kangzhou Road in the urban area.。Among the more than ten streets, there are two main roads that run through the north and south cities of Kangzhou.,One is the ancient street,One is the railway station road。