Peng Changyi understands what Shu Qing meant,Although she is an adoptive mother,But the foster mother cared for her so much,Including her education,Shu Qing doesn’t want her mother to worry about her,Already said good things,There really is no reason to change,And if I pick her up now,I can only tell the old man,Their daughter is staying in Langzhu tonight。

Peng Changyi didn’t want to embarrass Shu Qing,Said:“Ok,Ok,I do some work at night,Then you come early tomorrow,I wait for you。”
“Ok,Bye bye。”
Peng Changyi doesn’t want to rest,He walked out of the house,Neither can come,Jiang Fan and Ding Yi have a family party,He really has nothing to do。He saw Lao Gu and Zou Zijie planting ornamental trees,And started walking along the path in the field。
Let me talk about Jiang Fan,After he drove out,Just call Lu Yuan,He knew that Lu Yuan would cooperate with him。
Lu Yuan said:“We are all waiting for you。”
One sentence,It’s all summed up,Jiang Fan is relieved。
When he comes to the university family home,Lu Yuan and Xiaohu had been waiting in the yard long ago,Jiang Fan got out of the car,Lu Yuan said:“Little tiger,Go tell grandpa and them out。”
Jiang Fan said:“I go in,Meet them first。”
Lu Yuan accompanied him into the house,Ding Naixiang and Aunt Qiao are ready,Ding Yi is in father’s study,Looking at the information that dad brought back。
Jiang Fan went in and exchanged a few words with them,Lu Yuan said:“dad,Let’s go,Ding Yizhi,Hurry up,come out faster。”
It took Ding Yi for a long time to come out。
Jiang Fan saw her wearing a long-sleeved white pullover,Elegant fabric,Makes her skin clean,Refined temperament。
Lu Yuan said:“Mom and Dad and Xiaoyi are sitting on Audi,Du Lei and Xiaohu are in my car。”
Xiaohu said:“Can I choose the vehicle myself?”