“old,old man,I,I may not work!”

No way,His body has reached its limit,Those stored spiritual powers are also drained,Now I am struggling to sustain it entirely with perseverance!
Mr. Bai frowned for a long time,Shouldn’t,This is Yuanhuo,Even because of the realm,Didn’t really ask the power of God Realm powerhouse,That one should not be underestimated,There is still no way to affect it!
“According to your own situation,Stop it if it doesn’t work,Anyway, there will be opportunities in the future!”
“it is good!”
Can’t hold it anymore,This is the limit state,If you keep going,Forcibly support Yuanhuo,Will damage his meridians!
Just when Xia Chenglong was about to stop,The unmoving rubble has changed!
A corner of the gray soil bumps is changing,The overall shape is also changing!
The gray inside is black,And it’s definitely not a simple material!
Such a discovery was too overjoyed for the two of them,Xia Chenglong saw hope,The mood is naturally different,Did not close,Throw another pill to restore spiritual power in your mouth,Start to increase firepower!
Out,Just when the spiritual power in Xia Chenglong’s body was completely exhausted,All the rubble begins to change,What is exposed at this moment is speechless!
Not a powerful martial arts,It’s not a weapon from ancient times,But a token,Dark token without any luster!
Said the token is not entirely correct,Its shape is irregular,As if incomplete,In the center of the token is a“gold”word!
Incomplete shape,Strange“gold”word,Material that can absorb all light,All this constitutes its own extraordinary!
“old man,you……Don’t say don’t know it!”Xia Chenglong almost climbed down tired,Asked carefully!
Wasted half a day,If Mr. Bai has one more sentence,This thing is useless, he might be pissed off。
Bai Lao frowned,Today is the moment he frowned the most since he met Xia Chenglong!
This token……He seems to have seen,And it must be of great use!
“I live too long,Something forgotten,But you can be sure that you have absolutely no loss today!”