Even Wu Guanqi himself was stunned.,Peng Changyi didn’t expect him to say something like this,Just look at him,I didn’t know what to say for a while,Accept it wrong,Neither accept nor right,He just about to speak,Just listen to Wu Guanqi:“No no no,I thank Secretary Wu for his trust and support to our company,But in line with the principle of fair competition,We still attend your bidding ceremony,Don’t trouble you,Please give guidance from everyone here,such,I respect Secretary Wu、Magistrate Peng and all the heads present。”

As a guest,Wu Guanqi may not have the strong psychological advantage of Wu Youfu,But he is equally confident,His words and deeds are full of unspeakable charm,Banquet,He did not leave anyone out,He kept drinking with each of them,It’s all about New Year’s greetings,Demonstrates the characteristics of leadership and ethics of a good entrepreneur。no doubt,After more than ten years of hard work in the mall,Wu Guanqi has grown into an outstanding entrepreneur and diplomat,just,Why didn’t he follow his father’s path??if that is the case,Maybe he would be famous long ago。
A few days later,In the Yunzhong Highway bidding activities,Wu Guanqi’s Road and Bridge Engineering Company,Successfully won the bid without any suspense。That night,Wu Guanqi brings all the management staff of the company,A small cocktail party was held at Sanyuan Hotel,Thanks to everyone。
Yuqiong didn’t come。
At the end of the reception,Wu Guanqi slipped a bank card to Peng Changyi quietly,Said:“Don’t go back this time。”
Peng Changyi has a look,I realized that this is the card he returned to Yuqiong,He knows now,Wu Youfu and related personnel may also get a copy,But it will definitely be different from my own,Because this is the first they asked him for directions,And once things are done,His thanks to Wu Youfu must be more than his own,He relied on the wine:
“old classmate,Don’t come with me,If I knew you were in that car,Promise to throw this thing on your face!Who are we with whom,Moreover,I didn’t help you in winning the bid,That’s your bid by strength,Reactive,Where do you put this,You keep it for me,I need it from you later。”Talking,Just stuffed him back。
Wu Guanqi said with a cold face:“If you don’t give me face?let me tell you,I am a businessman,I’m completely following the merchant’s game rules,Why don’t you play with it?!Tell you,You have to accept it,If you don’t receive it,Not accepting is offending me,My principle is to earn money。”
Peng Changyi solemnly said:“You deliberately put me at the point of injustice,Mr. Nan didn’t ask me for it,You give it to me,How do you make me behave?”
Wu Guanqi thought for a while and said:“Also,Well,I’ll keep it for you,When I come to work next year,Give you again,See what you worry about at that time?If you don’t want it, you really look down on me,At that time,We only have one to go,Sever diplomatic relations!”
“Haha,Don’t be so scary,One,I won’t look down on you,two,I won’t break friendship with you。Let me tell you,You just have to do the project really,I’m still going to do a big project,Dozens of times more expensive than this road。You build this road well,Road repaired,No problem,Then this big project will also be given to you,Three sources,Some of the future is engineering,I think you just moved the headquarters to Sanyuan。”
Wu Guanqi said:“I see the potential of Sanyuan,So I’m so busy slap you up。”
“Haha,What do you see?”Peng Changyi asked。
“I see a lot,such as,You want to travel,Especially where the little hero died,It is entirely possible to install ropeways and cable cars,Mountain so high,Who can go up?”
“Haha,You deserve to be a businessman!”Peng Changyi is noncommittal。
Two days later,The groundbreaking ceremony of Yunzhong Highway was held,Peng Changyi attended the groundbreaking ceremony and spoke。He was at the groundbreaking ceremony,Actually saw Ye Mei。Ye Mei also spoke as a material supplier,This shocked Peng Changyi。
After the groundbreaking ceremony,Wu Guanqi hosted a banquet,Entertain all walks of life,Including his material supplier,Yemei。
After the luncheon,Wu Guanqi sent Peng Changyi out of the hotel,At this moment,Dress fashion、Wearing a long trench coat、Ye Mei with a lake blue silk scarf tied around her neck,Also just came out,Ye Mei smiled at Wu Guanqi,Said:
“Mr. Wu,Thank you for the lunch。”
Peng Changyi turned his head sideways,Look at Ye Mei。Ye Mei doesn’t look at Peng Changyi,But still looking at Wu Guanqi,In the eyes,Sparkling。Peng Changyi looks at Wu Guanqi again,Wu Guanqi’s gaze is almost fixed,Adhesive Yemei,Said:“Miss Ye Mei,Don’t thank me yet,As the saying goes,Not moving,Forage first,Once started,You have to prepare enough food and grass?”