Doctor Wang smiled,Said:“At least three months。”

Xia Jihan,Took a breath。Okay,In own time frame。
Out of the gate of Chinese Medicine Hospital,Xia Jihan said:“I never thought it was such a young Chinese medicine doctor。”
Guan Yao says:“He is a young old Chinese doctor,Born in a family of Chinese medicine,What I learn is Chinese medicine theory and clinical medicine,Later got a master’s degree,Don’t look at the age,I was promoted to the position of deputy dean a long time ago,Superb medical skills,Often go to lectures all over the country,His expert account is full every day,And double the number。”
“Yes,Among the most effective people in many fields,Getting younger and younger。This is the result of our long-term respect for knowledge and emphasis on education。”Guan Hao said。
Xia Jihan didn’t expect so much,She just prayed silently in her heart,I hope Wang Wei’s expert can cure Guan Hao’s stomach as soon as possible,Then she won’t worry about it when she leaves。
After Guan Hao was discharged,So I plunged into the intense work。
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The winter in Jinan this year is destined to be fiery,Two large construction sites are still under construction in winter,One is the hot spring city project,One is the International Convention and Exhibition Center project。
From re-initiation to construction of the International Convention and Exhibition Center,It took less than a month before and after,Because since the news spread that Jin’an was going to build an international convention and exhibition center in another economic and technological development zone,The Economic Development Zone Management Committee has received two large-scale exhibition activities next year,Besides, when Shao Yu was in office, the preliminary work was almost ready,After Guan Hao took office, he just accelerated the pace of construction。
The hot spring city project is progressing rapidly,Because Yue Xiao, secretary of the municipal party committee, personally caught,Hong Kong representatives stationed in the Jinan Supervisory Front,Progress is also fast,What they pursue is time is benefit。
After Guan Hao came back,First and Yue Xiao went to the hot spring city construction site,European-style buildings and spire houses have begun to see scale,It is estimated that the main project will be put into use during May 1st。