Ding Yi can feel the section chief’s dissatisfaction with him。

Peng Changyi continued:“He hasn’t gone to work yet,Drank a lot of wine last night,Xiaoding,Listen to me,Don’t beg to be true,Almost done,He is not you alone after all,It’s all Langzhu,His burden is heavy,Don’t be too harsh on him,Again,Almost done。”
“This one……Seems to have nothing to do with me。”She said stubbornly。
“what did you say?Don’t think about it,let me tell you,Now Lang Zhu is a group of harmony on the surface,But secretly, do you know how many people want him to die and want him to die??You must not be arrogant!”
Ding Yi’s heart moved,But said calmly:“All right,I know,Talk about it later,We are almost there。”
Ding Yi said,Before Peng Changyi could answer, he hung up。
Peng Changyi knows Ding Yi’s character,He wanted to call her again,Persevere,There is no environment for discussing this matter,Had to give up。
After buckling the phone,He was pacing around the house,I didn’t know the whereabouts of Jiang Fan for a while,He was uneasy for a while。
More than ten minutes later,Old Gu came in,He said:“mayor,I saw Secretary Jiang’s car,He passed me by,Went to work。”
Peng Changyi asked with concern:“Is there him in there?”
“This one,I can’t see,I only saw Xiao Gao driving。”
Peng Changyi’s heart is relieved,Out of ten,Jiang Fan in the car。
then,He strode to the back of the desk and sat down,turn on computer。There is a monitoring device in his computer,While he was in charge of decorating the compound of the Standing Committee,In addition to installing such a monitoring system in the police room,I also introduced this monitoring system into my computer。
really,I saw Jiang Fan’s car parked in front of the front row house,Secretary Di Fengchun ran out early,Opened the door for the secretary,Jiang Fan got out of the car,He adjusted his clothes,Walked in。Here,Can’t see his face。
Peng Changyi’s heart is relieved,Turned off the computer。
At this moment,Bao Zhigang called,He said:“Changyi,Xiaodi called me,Said Secretary Jiang is here,Let us pass ten minutes。”
Peng Changyi sighed,He secretly laughed at himself for his life,In kangzhou,He doesn’t worry about this couple,Still like this。He couldn’t help thinking of Ding Yi’s call just now,Why did she say it has nothing to do with her?